Postnatal Depression Counselling Group

Counselling group for mums dealing with postnatal depression

Having a baby is one of life’s little miracles. Usually, it is thought of as a happy time, however, many women experience feeling emotional and tearful - a case of the “baby blues”. Although having the baby blues may be distressing, it’s important to be aware that it doesn't last very long. Unfortunately, around 1 in 10 new mums develop a much deeper and longer term condition which can develop within the first six weeks of giving birth, but is often not apparent until around six months. This condition is known as postnatal depression.

Postnatal Depression

Morgan Walker Counselling wishes to offer mums of all ages a counselling group to support them with postnatal depression. You will be able to explore with others your thoughts, feelings, worries and fears around motherhood. The group will offer support to each other and you won’t feel like the only one who is experiencing this “dark place” alone. Together, we will shine a light to help you work with these difficult feelings and look at ways to better manage low mood and intrusive thoughts.

The counselling group will be confidential, with an initial assessment being completed with all new group members. It will take place every fortnight, on a Friday morning for two hours, with a maximum of six mums and myself as your group counsellor.

For more information about postnatal depression, it's effects and causes, please visit the NHS and Mind websites.

Cost: £15
Duration: 2 hours
Location: March, Cambridgeshire

Contact for more information

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