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Depression Group Counselling

Depression Counselling Group in March & Wisbech

Depression, let’s start talking about it.

We all will experience low mood within our lifetime which can be caused by a life event or it can be due to living with Depression. Depression affects an estimated 350 million people around the world and is the most common mental health disorder in Britain, with 9% of people meeting criteria for diagnosis and fewer than half of those affected receiving treatment.

Depression can affect people in different ways and for me the most significant way is how isolated and alone it makes people. Friends who once were there are now moving on with their lives. The popping out for coffee together slowly stops, the invites are now few and far between and out of nowhere you are on your own and in the dark. I have worked with many people who shared with me how depression can keep them in bed or in their home for days and even weeks at a time. It can be hard to keep up with friendships and relationships with Depression hanging around your head. The thoughts and feelings can be so difficult at times that suicide has also become a thought and even an option to many.

Morgan Walker Counselling has created a Depression Counselling Group for men and women who experience low mood and Depression. Members attend to share with others their experiences and life with Depression. The group takes the same structure and format as a counselling session, with each group member being able to share their experience, to help them make sense and have a better understanding of themselves. The group process will help members gain an understanding and identify behaviours which might not be helpful for their personal grow. The group environment is to help and support each other with emotional difficulties by offering feedback to each other. This feedback could be support from myself or practical tips from others in the group who have experienced a similar problem themselves. The aim is to help members learn their own coping methods so they can manage difficulties as and when they arise. The group is also about being able to reach out and to help other group members, which will make group members feel less isolated and have a feeling of achievement when they help one another.

The counselling group is confidential, with an initial assessment being completed with all new group members. The group consists of a maximum of 6 members and myself. The group will take place every fortnight on the same day and at the same time for two hours.

The Counselling Group will take place in March & Wisbech. If you would like further information or would like to attend please contact me here.

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