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Postnatal Depression Counselling Group in March & Wisbech

Baby Blues or something more?

When having a baby we hear about the “Baby Blues” and come to believe that every mum will experience this for the first few weeks or so after the birth. But what if we are not able to move away from the blues? Postnatal Depression affects up to 15 per cent of new mothers, according to official figures, but health campaigners fear the figure may be twice that because of the reluctance of many women to admit their difficulties. This is due to many reasons, but mainly the symptoms in which a woman experiences and the guilt that she feels that she is not a good mother. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Feeling anxious and worried
  • Feeling low in mood
  • Irritable and not able to settle
  • Tired and low energy levels
  • Unable to enjoy things including sex
  • Negative or guilty thoughts
  • Thoughts of suicide or intrusive thoughts of harm to self or the baby

Some of the thoughts which a mum can experiences can be scary and distressing. She may not wish to share her experiences of motherhood due to dread of judgement and fear of her baby being taking away. Many mums suffer in silence with 49% not seeking out professional help or treatment and around 35,000 not telling anyone about their matter.

Morgan Walker Counselling is offering a Counselling Group for mums who are experiencing Postnatal Depression and for women who are pregnant and worried from past experiences of Postnatal Depression. My hope is to create a space away from the home environment for mums with Postnatal Depression to explore what they are feeling and to support them in being able to manage their low mood and other symptoms of Postnatal Depression. To offer them a non-judgemental setting around other mums with a similar story and support them in feeling okay to explore their own journey of motherhood. The group will offer support to each other and you won’t feel like the only one who is experiencing this “dark place” alone. Together, we will shine a light to help you work with these difficult feelings and look at ways to better manage low mood and intrusive thoughts.

The group itself will consist of a maximum of 6 mum’s and myself. The group will take place every fortnight on the same day and at the same time for two hours. The group will be run much like a counselling session, with clients bringing to the group what they wish to understand, explore and share with the group. If you chose to listen and not to share one week that is also fine. The group is about you and what you wish to experience and take away. The counselling group will be confidential, with an initial assessment being completed with all new group members.

The Counselling Group will take place in March & Wisbech. If you would like further information or would like to attend please contact me here.

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