Video Call Counselling

Video Call Counselling

I am able to offer telephone and video call appointments to individuals, young people and couples. Both of these ways of working can help you to explore difficulties which you might be experiencing in a confidential and supportive environment.

Much like with telephone appointments, video call appointments offer you that flexibility around attending when is convenient for you but unlike telephone appointments it offers you a screen face to face appointment. For some clients this creates the middle ground of a telephone and face to face appointment as you can attend appointments from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the UK, but you are able to visually see the therapist much like they would do within physical face to face counselling appointments. 

I would also suggest that you use your own technology to access our video call appointment and not public access or a family/friends device. This is due to security reasons and being able to increase your confidentiality plus also making sure that the technology you are using has secure methods of communication including protected WiFi and adequate firewalls and virus protection. 


Setting up your Video Call Counselling Appointment

Once we have arranged our appointment you will receive an email invite to your appointment from me. Once received you will need to install the Google Meet App on your device if you plan to use a smartphone or table. Please install the Google Meet App from the links below for your device:


Setup Instructions

In preparation for your video call, please install the Google Meet App on your smartphone or tablet from the link below for your device.

Google Hangouts Meet
Apple iPhone / iPad

Please open the ​Apple App store and install the Google Meet app

Google Hangouts Meet
Android Device

Please open the ​Android Play Store and install the ​Google Meet

Alternatively, if you would like to use a PC or laptop with a webcam, you do not need to install any software, but your computer must be running Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS or Chrome OS. You will also need a compatible browser installed, which is either Google ​Chrome, ​Firefox​, ​Microsoft Edge ​or Safari on your Apple device. Google Meet will automatically open and start the video call when you click on the link in the email invite. If you are using a laptop, your browser will open to the meeting URL. 

If you could please click on the link ​at the start of your arranged appointment,​ then click ​”Ask to Join” ​and you will see ​'Asking to Join...' ​on your screen. If your join request is not accepted straight away, please click 'Ask to Join' again. Once your request has been accepted, you will join the video call. It might not be accepted straight away as you might be trying to join a little bit too early. Once joined please feel free to use the first minute or so getting your screen and volume setup to how you would like it to be. I would also suggest the use of headphones to increase your privacy and to reduce distractions along with closing windows to increase your sound proofing. Give yourself 10 minutes before the appointment start time to get yourself and the setup ready. You may wish to grab a drink and have some tissues to hand for during the appointment. Please also consider nipping to the toilet before the appointment starts. Check the temperature of the room and grab a fan or pop a few more layers on if needed. It is also really helpful to be in view of a clock during the appointment so you are also aware of the time and how much longer you have of the appointment. When our appointment has finished you may wish to give yourself 5/10 minutes before going back into your home environment to process the work.


Ways to improve your Video Call Counselling experience

Please see the following list of ideas to help improve the quality of experience when attending a video call counselling appointment with me,

  • If you have downloaded the Google Meet app make sure you keep it updated when new updates become available
  • Use headphones as this will improve the quality of the call by making it louder and clearer for you. You’ll hear better and your microphone will pick up less background noise too
  • Sit facing a window, so that the light illuminates your face. Avoiding overhead lighting as this is not good for a video call as it will cast shadows. Also no bright lights or sun-filled windows behind you or you’ll be a mere silhouette. Natural light is best or use several soft-light sources at around eye level
  • Use a stable background, the more motion you have in your frame, the more work your camera will have to do and the choppier your video call will be
  • If using your phone or a table, use a stand to hold it in place and horizontal, that way you can be even more comfortable without getting an arm ache from holding them up. Try to also have your device at a level where most of you can be seen but not to far away from you that you are not able to see me
  • Video calls require your device to do a lot of work. Shut down other open apps or windows to reduce the multitasking demands on your device and the video quality for your call should improve
  • Switch off WiFi on other devices when attending your appointment or if others are in the house ask that they reduce the amount of WiFi they are using during the appointment too
  • Front-facing cameras on most phones and tablets are of lesser quality than the rear-facing one. If your front-facing camera is of particularly low resolution, your picture will be less clear at the other end of the call
  • If the picture or sound quality isn’t satisfactory to you please let me know and we can look to try to resolve this. If we are unable to, we might need to think about attending our appointments together by telephone or face to face. If either of these options don’t fit your needs we will need to look at possibly bringing our work to an end and at an onward referral if you so wish to.


Booking a Video Call Counselling Appointment

If you wish to book an initial assessment appointment with me please click below. Alternatively please feel free to email me on or call me on 07815442999. For more information regarding initial assessment appointments please click here.



Individual Video Call Counselling Assessment and Therapy Appointments : £40
Duration: 50 minutes
Availability: Monday to Saturday

Relationship Video Call Counselling Assessment and Therapy Appointments: £50
Duration: 50 minutes
Availability: Monday to Saturday

Young Persons Video Call Counselling Assessment and Therapy Appointments: £40
Duration: 50 minutes
Availability: Monday to Saturday

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