Counselling Assessment

What is bringing you to Counselling?

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Counselling Assessment

At Morgan Walker Counselling, I offer an initial counselling assessment to all new clients as the first step towards exploring your current experiences and how they may be affecting you. This assessment is an opportunity for you to meet with me and discuss what has brought you to counselling. During the 50-minute session, we will also look at the counselling contract and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Most importantly, it's a chance for you to see if you are comfortable working with me, as finding the right counsellor is essential for your therapy journey.

Our counselling sessions are flexible, professional, and tailored to meet your unique needs. Generally, I work with clients on a weekly or fortnightly basis, but we can adjust the frequency based on your specific requirements. As an integrative therapist, I take a holistic approach to therapy, exploring the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and physical experiences, with a particular focus on how past experiences may impact the present.

Through our work together, you will develop a deeper understanding of how past relationships and experiences may continue to influence you, affecting your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviours. By processing these experiences and developing insights, you can make positive and lasting changes in your life. Each therapy session lasts 50 minutes, with the frequency and duration of our sessions to be discussed during the initial assessment session. Whether on an open-ended or short-term basis, I am committed to supporting you throughout your therapy journey.


  • Availibility

    Monday, Thursday & Friday

  • Duration

    50 minutes

  • Price

    £45.00 (Individual) £55.00 (Couples)