Rewind Technique

Closure Without Disclosure

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Rewind Technique

What to expect from your appointment

During our initial meeting, we will allocate some time to establish a working agreement between us and address any concerns or inquiries you may have. Additionally, we will complete a brief questionnaire to assess the extent to which your trauma, anxiety or phobia is affecting your daily life. If you have multiple traumas you wish to address, we can discuss the use of multiple appointments to address them individually.

I understand that delving into traumatic or distressing experiences can provoke apprehension or discomfort, and I am here to support you throughout the process. Therefore, if you feel overwhelmed at any point, I can guide you through breathing exercises to help you regain a sense of calm. I offer an assessment appointment and up to three session where we will complete the rewind and a follow up session 

The Rewind Technique 

I will guide you through a process of safely disengaging from and revisiting your trauma or anxiety, before rewinding it. It may take some practice to get it right, so we will go over it a few times. Think of your trauma as a movie that you can watch from a distance, as you detach yourself from it. Then, you can rewind through it quickly and return to a calm and safe memory.

Follow Up

After undergoing the Rewind session, individuals may experience a sense of euphoria. However, it is crucial to avoid attempting to perform the technique on your own.

It is advisable to reflect on the progress made during the two weeks following the Rewind session. Although it may seem that you have already overcome the memories, it's essential to allow yourself enough time to process the changes.

In case you have multiple traumas that require addressing, we can discuss which one to tackle next and complete the Rewind technique for it.

The Benefits

The Rewind technique offers a significant advantage as a non-disclosure therapy. This implies that the therapist does not require in-depth details about the traumatic event that the client is seeking to address. Only the most minimal information is shared during the session, which greatly reduces the risk of re-traumatising the client.

The Rewind Technique however, can’t be used with a client who plans to report an incident of sexual violence to the police. The use of the Rewind Technique can affect how a person’s presents in court and adversely affect the trial, as well as changing perceptions of the event itself.


  • Availibility

    Monday, Thursday & Friday

  • Duration

    50 minutes

  • Price