Telephone Counselling

Counselling over a telephone

Telephone Counselling

What is Telephone Counselling?

Telephone counselling sessions take place via a telephone call, offering come client more flexibilty and anonymity.

Attending sessions via telephone has a number of benefits, including :

  • Flexibility to join your counselling session from anywhere.
  • Removes the cost and travel time to and from sessions.
  • Allows you to schedule sessions around other commitments.
  • Some people feel more comfortable attending counselling with greater anonymity.
Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling

Once your assessment appointment has been arranged I will call you on the arranged date and time with the contact number 07815442999. If you miss the call don’t worry, that's absolutely fine as I will wait for you to return the call but I won’t try to call you again during the appointment. This is so we don’t miss each other's calls as we are both calling each other at the same time, as well as giving you the choice to not attend the appointment if you so wish not to. If during an appointment we have issues with phone connection it might be that we need to communicate by another way to resolve the issue. I will send you an email and wait to hear from you regarding the issues you are experiencing. I again won’t try to call you back for the same reasons above.

When attending our appointment I ask that you attend in an environment that is quiet, with minimal distractions and that you don’t take the call on speaker phone, unless attending as a couple where the phone will need to be on loud speaker. If you wish to be hands free then please feel free to use headphones connected to your phone. It can be best to attend the appointment when you are at home and in a comfortable room. You might also like to keep your windows and doors closed to improve sound proofing of your appointment. If others are at home with you, you might want to make them aware of your appointment so that they don’t disturb you and allow you the space and privacy to attend or if you don’t wish to disclose to others you are attending therapy, it might be best to attend the appointment when you are home alone.

It is also your responsibility to have your phone fully charged and/or your charger close to hand. If you have weak spots around your house with your phone connection it might be best to find where is best for you to gain a good signal for the appointment and attend the appointment from that room. If we continue to experience connection issues I might suggest that we either try video call with the camera on or off if you wish or face to face appointments to help resolve the issue. If you don’t wish to try these other suggestions we may need to discuss bringing our work to an end or possibly an onward referral that can meet your needs better.

Give yourself 10 minutes before the appointment start time to get yourself and the setup ready. You may wish to grab a drink and have some tissues to hand for during the appointment. Please also consider nipping to the toilet before the appointment starts. Check the temperature of the room and grab a fan or pop a few more layers on if needed. It is also really helpful to be in view of a clock during the appointment so you are also aware of the time and how much longer you have of the appointment. When our appointment has finished you may wish to give yourself 5/10 minutes before going back into your home environment to process the work.

  • Key Points

    Charge your phone before your appointment

    Give yourself 10 minutes before the appointment to get yourself ready

    Be in view of a clock so you know how much longer the session will be for

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